Premium Plan Features

     Scheduled inspections of your roof(s) to look for damage, potential leak points and other hazards. Allowing us to address and repair damages before they expand and/or cause leaks.

Regular cleaning of environmental debris from waterways to avoid drains or scuppers from clogging, which can lead to interior leaks and ponding/standing water on your roof systems surface.

Minor and major repairs completed by trained and experienced work crews using full safety precautions. Our specialists inspect and recommend the appropriate repair(s) necessary to prevent or eliminate leaks and other hazards from occurring.

Enhanced reports of roof condition with supporting photographs lets you track work done on your roof and shows steps you are taking to extend the life of your roof.

Re-roof recommendations and proposals (when/if necessary) is a seamless component of your AMCOm Maintenance Program. We provide detailed quotes on a re-roof or roof replacement of your roof system when requested or when highly recommended by us.

     AMCOM Roof Retention Services                               

Ongoing preventive maintenance

Minor-Major Repairs

Leak investigation

Infrared roof scans

Roof Coatings

Estimating and budgeting

Activity Report

Roof Condition Reports

AMCOM Maintenance plan. Is a comprehensive roof maintenance program customized to meet your specific roofing situation. A good option for facility managers who want to control their roofing expenditures, but don’t have the resources to manage all the activities related to maintaining the roof. Its main purpose is to address potential hazards and repair what is necessary before it leaks or causes any other problems concerning the safety of the contents or people inside your facility, and doing so in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Contact our office for rates and other information regarding your very own maintenance plan.

Listed below is a general list of maintenance services our program features, contact our office for detailed information and rates regarding your AMCOM Maintenance Pro.


AMCOM Maintenance Program members receive detailed condition reports of their existing roof system outlining potential leak points and other hazards, accompanied by photos, recommendations, and other valuable information regarding their commercial roof system(s).




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