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Quality roof repairs/maintenance is an affordable way to maintain your current roof in good condition for up to 5-10 years longer then expected. Weather related or simply due to improper installation, minor defects in your roofing system can become major problems down the road. If left un repaired, those minor defects can expand due to climate changes and other factors, causing interior leaks and/or other hazards. One of the most common causes of roof leaks comes from defects in the flashings. Flashing refers to where the membrane attaches to the walls to prevent passage of water into the building from an angle or joint. When not attached or adhered correctly, flashings can begin to peel or crack, causing an opining in your roof’s membrane. This allows water to infiltrate the roof system, causing leaks and moisture in your roof’s insulation.

Ongoing repairs or maintenance, is always a good option for aged roof systems. In comparison to a complete roof replacement, retro-fit, or any other option, roof repairs are always a much more affordable way to maintain your current roof system from leaking.

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